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Digital Detox workshop


Technology addiction is real, and it’s wreaking havoc on our mental health. Sometimes we need a moment to breathe between our tweets, Apps notifications, emails, SMSs, Instagram photos, phone calls, and the rest of our digitally mediated existence; but how do we ‘switch off’?

During this 1.5 hours long workshop, you will:


- look at signs of digital overload


- identify reasons why we are so hooked up on social media sites


- see how our digital media addiction and use of smartphones is impacting our personal and professional lives


- explore various digital detox plans to help you reconnect with yourself, your family, friends and colleagues


- find ways to improve productivity at work/school by being more tech aware

Course fees:

- up to 30 people max: €270

Contact Arnaud at or call 0868263806 to get more information or book your workshop.

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