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"Find Your Calling" Workshop

'Regardless of how good you feel, you can live more vibrantly. That, as I see it, is one of the purposes of life: to continuously get better, to constantly move forward. How far can you go? How far can you grow? What will it take for you to fulfil your potential?' (Oprah Winfrey)

In this 1.5 hours long workshop, you will:


- discover the uplifting stories of people who listened to their true calling and found it.

- answer the question “Who am I meant to be?” by identifying your striving style through a questionnaire.

- define who “your best self” is by looking at your passions and interests in life, as well as your best abilities.

- look at the one ingredient we sometimes miss when choosing a life direction, confidence, and how to overcome barriers.

Don’t miss your chance to discover your true calling! This workshop is so positive that you’ll wish it lasted longer!

Course fees:

- up to 30 people max: €270

Contact Arnaud at or call 0868263806 to get more information or book your workshop.

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